Meet Our Newest Ambassador: Molly

Molly on her mountain bike.

Molly Bradford

Molly is the CEO of GatherBoard, a busy mom of two and an avid outdoorist. In Molly’s spare time you can find her gardening, hunting, biking, & cooking. She started wearing compression socks post pregnancy & post second ACL surgery. Molly wears them daily when she is biking, skiing, and hiking, and as she puts it, “It makes my legs feel in flow.” 

We asked Molly a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more.

Molly standing by a tree

What do you do to keep life interesting?

Always learning new things. I recently learned how to make kombucha and am learning to play guitar with my son. Parenting kids is full of learning, all the time. I also like to read, bake, hike, bike, and ski… Just a lot of doing. 

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Connecting with self, family, and community through work, play, food, and quiet moments.

How do you like to style your VIM & VIGR legwear?

I wear my tights, après ski or après hunt with a wool skirt, big winter boots, warm coat, scarf and hat or with my BEAN-AN-TI handmade clogs and wide leg pant or a knee-length skirt, and cute top. I also wear my socks with long biking/hiking shorts, athleisure top, hiking/biking shoes, & a neckerchief. 

Molly in VIM & VIGRs and a cute skirt

What is something on your mind right now?

I'm loving this idea - "I can accept you even when we do not agree, and disagree does not mean dislike."  Practicing civil discourse with an open heart.

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