Men wearing compression socks with dress shoes

Compression Socks for Men

All the benefits of graduated compression therapy technology made with four functional fabric and available in six sizes. Whether you’re at work or working out, you can look and feel great in these knee-high compression socks.

All of our socks come in a moderate compression level of 15–20 mmHg which is perfect for all-day, everyday wear. All styles are available in a Wide Calf option and select styles are available in the 20-30 mmHg option.

36 products

36 products

Top Health Benefits of Compression Socks for Men

Compression socks are rapidly growing in popularity as an excellent way to treat a variety of health issues below the knee, and they can benefit the whole body in the process. Whether it is issues such as spider veins or poor circulation, or the result of serious medical conditions such as vein diseases, compression socks are an excellent way to help treat these conditions.

All of our socks are designed with a Gradient Knitting Technology to help increase circulation in the legs by offering a moderate compression level of 15-30 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg. These compression socks are perfect for everyday wear and are especially designed for men. They are available in plain black as well as a variety of colors and patterns.

How Compression Works 

Unlike regular socks, knee-high compression socks are made of a specific weave of strong, elastic material. Compression socks are designed to fit tightly around the ankle and then to fit gradually less tight as the sock moves up toward the knee, while still offering a level of compression.

Compression socks are highly recommended as a natural way to limit pressure inside the veins, reducing the symptoms of many vein issues and diseases. Compression therapy can accomplish anything from dealing with varicose veins and spider veins, to slowing the progression of serious vein diseases. While compression alone often doesn’t fix the underlying vein issue, they are one of the highest recommended steps to treating a multitude of vein problems and alleviating the symptoms. 

Six Top Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks 

  1. Improve blood flow in the veins 
  2. Relieves minor to moderate swelling in the legs 
  3. Prevent blood within the veins from pooling 
  4. Lessen the risk of blood clots and the risk of potential embolisms 
  5. Helps to treat moderate to severe varicose veins 
  6. Help improve the symptoms of many vein diseases 

Our high-quality compression socks come in a wide variety of materials and styles and feature options that are meant to meet specific needs. Here are just a few examples of the various fabrics and types of the highest quality of men’s compression socks:

  • Cotton. Our cotton compression socks are made from a 200-needle count fabric that features a multi-dimensional weave that provides the highest level of breathability and flexibility. 
  • Nylon. Our Nylon Collection has an impressive 400-needle count fabric with our signature multi-dimensional weave that allows for extreme comfort. 
  • Wool. Our Wool Collection utilizes incredibly soft, warm wool fabric with our signature multi-dimensional weave that provides extreme breathability. 
  • Moisture-Wicking Nylon Socks. Our Moisture-wick Nylon Collection still uses our 400-needle count, multi-dimensional weave, while offering the highest level of moisture-wick technology available, making them perfect for physical activity. 
  • Medical-Grade Compression. This line of compression socks are designed to offer a compression level that is made for those who seek a firmer level of compression. Medical-grade compression socks have a compression level of 20-30 mmHg. This is defined as medical class 1 of compression and means that the amount of compression will be above 20 mmHg and will never exceed 30 mmHg. 
  • Wide Calf. Many of our styles are available in our Wide Calf Collection. These compression socks are designed to fit someone with calves ranging from 17” to 21” in circumference. 

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of fabrics and the best possible compression available. We also ensure we offer compression socks for every need, including medical-grade compression and a variety of styles available for people who have wider calves. Feel free to check out our various lines and styles of compression socks. Our team is standing by if you have any questions!