The quest to make compression socks cool

Mic: the quest to make compression socks cool

With all the pleasures long-distance air travel can bring — new experiences! the sun, maybe! museums! excellent food! — there are also the pains, including that ache-y, uncomfortable feeling some people get in their legs after not moving for hours that makes them feel as if their legs have turned into overblown balloons.

For years, compression socks have been one of the most popular cures for this feeling, with their ability to help increase blood circulation, prevent swelling and alleviate that ache. The thing about compressions socks though is that they’ve long been looked at as geriatric, unsightly and definitely not something you flaunt on your way to, like, Hawaii.

But guess what, guys? It’s 2017. Of course now there’s a quest to make compression socks cute and cool.

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