The Best (and Best-Looking) Compression Socks on the Market

kickball team wearing compression socks


You know that point on long-distance flights when your sacrum is screaming, your knees are stiff, and your calves seem to be puffing up into two little hot-air balloons? Smart air travel habits, like drinking lots of water (and skipping free alcohol on international fights -- sorry), avoiding salt, and frequently walking the aisle, all help with cramped-cabin-induced aches and pains. Smart socks also help. 

For those who are unfamiliar with compression socks, allow us to explain: We're talking about socks whose super-snug knit applied pressure to the lower legs, helping to boost blood and oxygen flow. This in turn fights swelling and discomfort. Compression socks are commonly used for pro-athletes and medical purposes, but they're not just for ultra-marathoners and the elderly. They are game-changers for passengers on long-haul flights, when inactivity can lead to lower-body bloating and even blood clots. With that in mind, ,here are the brands making the best (and best-looking) compression socks on the market. 

Polka dots, flowers, and camo print may not seem revolutionary, but when Montana-based VIM & VIGR came to market in 2014, it rocked the sea of black compression wear with bright colors and statement-making prints. Finally, a compression product with both style and substance.

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