3-Year Anniversary: A Letter from Michelle

The past three years have felt like an eternity and a blink of an eye—it's funny how time works out that way. The idea for VIM & VIGR really came about from my own personal need for compression. I had a job that kept me seated for most of the day and I started to feel the negative health effects from that—low energy and achy legs. As a consumer, I looked at my options and everything out there was either too medical or athletic looking in nature. At first I was frustrated because I wanted to be proactive about my health, but I didn't want to sacrifice my style (no one wants to be a fashion victim). Then, it got me thinking—I probably wasn’t the only one stuck in between a rock and an ugly sock. If I, as a relatively healthy person in my early 30’s, had a need for stylish, high-quality compression socks to wear every day, I knew others would have a need for this, too.

Hence, VIM & VIGR was born! I created the company out of passion to help people be proactive about their well-being and look great while doing it, and it turns out that a lot of people are into it. Since 2013 we have grown exponentially, year after year. In 2016 alone, we are on track to sell over 110,000 pairs of socks and have huge plans for this upcoming year, with fun new designs and product launches on the horizon.

I wanted to reflect on this anniversary and personally thank you for being better than the best fans I could have ever imagined! We receive daily emails with heartfelt product testimonials and constructive feedback that helps us make our line even better. I love hearing from you and seeing how VIM & VIGR has been a part of your journey—YOU are why I continue to do what I do.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this amazing adventure.

Much love,


P.S. Take a sneak peak on our timeline over the past three years—it’s a good one!


Michelle Huie at the Winter Outdoor Retailer show
Michelle Huie at VIM & VIGR's 1st Press Tour
VIM & VIGR's first office
VIM & VIGR's first online and retail orders
Ann at Vim & VIGR's 2nd trade show
VIM & VIGR moving to new office
Healthcare professionals wearing compressions socks
VIM & VIGR first work retreat


Time flies, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for the next three years of our journey. Cheers!

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