Your Survival Guide to Holiday Travel

We all can relate to the anxiety that comes with traveling during the holiday season – you’ve got to wrap things up at work, determine what kind of wardrobe to pack, probably hit a few stores, find a way to squeeze gifts into your bags and more. It’s no easy task! To help you cut out the extra stress and hassle from your trip, the VIM & VIGR team has put together some useful tips on surviving your holiday travel itinerary – and having a holly, jolly good time! 

Game Plan:

  • Schedule Strategically – We suggest traveling in the early morning or late at night to avoid crazy traffic, long lines and huge crowds that form during peak hours. Same goes for avoiding popular travel days such as the day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas Eve.
  • Ship Wrapped Gifts Ahead of Time – TSA is especially vigilant during the holidays, and much more likely to unwrap the gifts and goodies that you meticulously dressed and topped with bows.
  • Opt for Online Check-In – Checking in the day before is another easy way to streamline your traveling experience and, again, avoid those lines!
  • Pack Light – If possible, stick to one carry on item only! Checking luggage adds a considerable amount of travel time, and there’s always the chance that your luggage will get lost in the holiday shuffle.
  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time – It’s definitely okay to be early to the airport this time of year. You really never know what to expect and don’t want to be surprised by an excruciatingly long line for security check. Save yourself from panicking by giving yourself lots of extra time.  

Go-To Gear:

  • Earplugs or Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Throw a pair of these bad boys in your bag so that you can drown out the noise of snoring strangers, unhappy children, and obnoxiously-loud talkers in the airport or on the plane. Maybe you’ll even get some shut eye!
  • Compression Socks or Sleeves – Your VIM & VIGR compression socks and sleeves are perfect for traveling. They will keep your legs happy by continuously circulating fresh oxygenated blood, so even after that seemingly-endless flight you will walk off the plane with a spring in your step!
  • Neck Pillow – A must-have for keeping comfy and relaxing while maintaining personal space boundaries, especially if you get stuck in a middle seat!
  • Snacks – Keep yourself nourished and in good spirits by packing a few healthy snack options like nuts or dried fruits. Trust us, these will definitely come in handy when your stomach starts growling.
  • A Cardigan, Shawl or Wrap – Airplanes can get quite chilly once they reach certain altitudes, and if you are not a fan of the felt blankets that most airlines provide, a cozy textile is the perfect solution!
  • Travel Apps – Winter weather is notorious for causing flight delays, cancellations and overall chaos. To stay on top of your schedule, we recommend downloading travel apps such as TripIt and Free Wi-Fi Finder to your phone or tablet that will equip you with the most up-to-date info.

Whether you’re hopping on a train, hitting the road by car or jetting off this holiday season, we wish you a smooth, comfy and stress-free trip! What are your pro-tips for holiday traveling?

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