Celebrating Education – a Letter from Our Founder

Dear Friends,

Here in Missoula, it’s graduation weekend at the University of Montana like it is for so many schools throughout the country. In the spirit of celebrating education and community, we’re pleased to support the University of Montana History Department’s Public History Program, which trains students to make the study of the past relevant to the present and accessible to the public.

After such a trying year, we felt that studying the past could serve as an important guide as we learn how to navigate the future. Learning history and the humanities can provide critical skillsets of empathy and resilience that will be invaluable to our communities as we live, work, and grow together.

This weekend is a great opportunity to celebrate that recent graduate in your life as they take on the next milestone in their journey. You’ll be seeing more initiatives from VIM & VIGR that further support you and your community. Thank you for being a part of ours.


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