Meet Our Models | Fall 2020

Each season we capture VIM & VIGR socks in everyday settings during a lifestyle photo shoot in locations around Missoula, MT. We've had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing individuals over the years to showcase our socks. Today, you get to meet them!

It's important to us that VIM & VIGR models reflect our customers– real humans from a variety of walks of life who like wearing fun, energizing socks. We're pleased to introduce you to the incredible humans, aka Amazing Sock Models, that made our Fall 2020 Collection look so good. 

Carla and Stuart  

Retired in Missoula, MT

 Carla and Stu - sock models

"Being a sock model has been very exciting for me. I tell my friends I haven't gotten my lines yet, but it turns out they don't want to see anything but my feet." – Stu 

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Our philosophy is everything in moderation! We use the 80/20 good 80% of the time and allow yourself to indulge 20% of the time, rather than restricting the things you love. We both use personal trainers to keep our bodies and bones strong. We get out and do something active everyday. We want to keep up with our grandkids!


Student at the University of Montana. Majoring in Dance.

Georgia sock model

"I initially found out about VIM & VIGR through my mom, and have been wearing the socks for dance classes."

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

As dancers we're taught to take care of our bodies and to be connected with ourselves, so everyday wellness to be is making sure my legs are staying warm and making sure my heart & body stay warm while I'm dancing as well.  


Outdoor enthusiast and event manager at Girls on Shred

Sam sock model

"Sock modeling is as comfortable as the socks I'm wearing. It's really quite nice working with these women and the photographer is really great."

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Staying positive, getting a little happiness in your day and moving your body. Listening to what your body needs – whether it's food, exercise or a little bit of compression.


Bookkeeper and veteran sock model

Jessa sock model

"I've gotten very good at quickly & efficiently putting on socks and dealing with prototypes that are less than stellar."

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Everyday wellness for me is being outside or exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, trying to eat healthy and drinking lots of water. I find that once I start moving the stressors of everyday start to silence, and I can relax and enjoy this beautiful place we live.  


Creative director in Missoula, MT

Mati sock model

"Being a sock model has been a blast! I love getting to see all the new socks & patterns before anyone else does. It's also been a journey figuring out how to put the socks on correctly & I think I have it mastered by now."

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

I wake up early so that I have time for a short meditation and a few stretches. I try to move my body every day - yoga, walking my pup, dancing, cycling and barre – and saying "yes" to the things that I want to do, and "no" to the things that I don't!  


Graduate student at University of Montana

Nicole sock model

"I love these socks, because I'm a huge athlete. I like to play basketball and track. They are amazing for my shin splints!"

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

For me, everyday wellness looks like working out in the gym, because physically, emotionally, and mentally, I benefit from a good workout. I focus on cardio and weights. 


Bartender at the Silver Dollar in Missoula

Brian sock model

"I have a face for sock modeling."

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Everyday wellness to me is to take my dogs for a walk everyday, and get out and enjoy the sunshine.


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