Motherhood: A Short Story

Lindsey Thompson is Senior Manager of Product & Brand at VIM & VIGR. She's the face behind the beautiful and unique designs that you know and love. She's also an amazing mom to two bright and energetic kiddos. This Mother's Day, she shares her thoughts on motherhood.

Woman wearing compression socks and sitting next to her kids

"Cracks: beautifully, courageously, let light in."

A couple of years ago, I came across an article on kintsugi, an old Japanese tradition of mending ceramics with gold. This idea of golden repair, beautifully transforming broken or cracked ceramics into something even more beautiful, made me think of motherhood. Becoming a mom truly feels like cracking open and evolving into a new person, who now has the privilege and the responsibility of shaping, guiding, protecting and loving this new being that you created. It is a responsibility that is full of light and love, and one that takes courage and a lot of heart. It is beautiful and beyond fulfilling, and the hardest thing I have ever done. This journey of becoming a mother does not always feel graceful, is definitely not easy, but the purpose and the transformation is breathtakingly beautiful.

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