Our Staff Favorites

Looking for stunning socks, but just don't know which style to choose? Look no further! Our team shares their favorite styles & why.

KC - Director of Operations

"My favorite are the Malibu Sleeves in any color! I'd wear sandals over shoes any day - sleeves give me the benefits of compression while letting my feet be free."

Kristi - Area Business Manager

"I love the Montana Plaid for hiking and exploring. These socks keep my legs feeling great so that I'm always prepared to got the extra mile.... or 5."

Ann - Account Manager

"I love wearing my wool VIM & VIGR socks when I play hockey. They are thick enough to keep my feet warm and cushioned in my skate - and really ease my leg fatigue post-game. It is fun to see a variety of VIM & VIGR styles and fabrics represented in the locker room - but for me, it is Montana Plaid every game, all season long." 


Rainy - Associate Customer Service Manager

"I love the color combination in the Nautical Stripes: Mint, Black, & Turquoise. This style is super easy to dress up or down and to color match with my wardrobe; they are a fun addition to any outfit while still being subtle."

Steff - Area Business Manager

"I work from home in Las Vegas. Without the typical movement of an office, I am sedentary the majority of my work days. I am pretty disciplined about wearing compression socks every day, even just working from my home office. When I don't, I get pins & needles in my lower legs, feet & toes. My preferred V&V socks are nylon, like the Fun Stripes: Coral & Black, because they feel a little thinner to me & also stretch more (I am wide calf). Everybody loves socks... why not wear socks that love you back?!"

Michelle - Founder

"Fresh Stripe - Grey & Cream; It goes with everything! I could wear these socks to the gym or with my favorite cut-off jeans. It's just a really versatile design."

Jake - Account Manager

Simple Stripe: Cigar & Sky- "It's flashy, but conservative. Wacky, yet tame. It's like a tuxedo t-shirt: it says I'm formal, but I like to party. 

All jokes aside, they are a classy style that goes with most any attire. I wear my socks to the office, for travel, for work and for play."


Kody - Account Manager

"The Fun Stripes: Coral & Black are my favorite sock, honestly, just because it's cute. And I wear it to look cute."

Russ - Warehouse Manager

"My favorite sock is the Heathered Collection: Dark & Light Heather. I like it because of the wide band and the colors. I wear them to work in the warehouse because they help with soreness from being on my feet all day." 

Rachel - Senior Marketing Manager

"Our nylon socks are my fabric of choice, and my current favorites are the Fresh Stripes & Nautical Stripes: Mint, Black & Turquoise. These socks have taken me up mountains, protected my calves on trail runs and look perfect with most every outfit in my closet."

Christine - Sales Operations Coordinator

"I love the Sedona Sunburst: Heathered Flint & Flame sock because it reminds me of the decor in the house that I grew up in and that makes it feel cozy and home-y. I wear it anytime I can get away with it, especially with jeans and solid color tops."

Kayla - Marketing Intern

"My favorite sock is the Red & Black Montana Plaid. The perfect mix of red and black to spice up every neutral piece in my closet. Aside from their beautiful look, merino wool must be my favorite fabric, adding a touch of comfort to the look."

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