Your Valentine really is your "SOLEMATE"! A Creative Guide to show your love with socks

If getting socks as a gift is wrong, I don’t want to be right! We have 14 creative ways to give socks for Valentine’s Day that your sweethearts will love.


Gifts for Her: We know that your girl loves to receive flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but why not include the gift of happy, healthy legs?

1. Gift Bag: Use your new socks as a gift bag to hold your other presents, such as a bottle of her favorite perfume or little candy hearts.

2. Bow: Tie her cute new socks around a vase or box of candy as a bow. She will love the thought of roses or sweets and admire your creative wrapping skills.

3. Bottle Holder: Being in love is the perfect reason to celebrate! Slide a bottle of champagne or her go-to wine in the sock to surprise her at your dinner for two.

4. Jewelry Holder: Make her new socks really sparkle with a gorgeous necklace!

5. Sock Bouquet: Women love flowers, but they love originality even more! Make your girl a bouquet of socks to show her you care. Not sure how? Here is a simple guide on how to by How Does She. 

6. Pedicure Kit: Give her all the essentials she needs for healthy, happy feet. Include nail polish, lotion, a nail care kit, and compression socks.

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks walking


Gifts for Him: Men can be hard to shop for; however, they will love a thoughtful gift from you. Give them the gift of style as well as all the added health benefits of our compression socks.

1. Gift Bag: Use his new socks as a gift bag to hold his presents, such as a bottle of cologne, handheld tools, a new wallet, or a gift card to his favorite store.

2. Bottle Holder: Is your man a beer drinker or does he prefer a good whiskey? Use his socks as a bottle holder to gift him his favorite drink.

3. Bow: Wrap his present and then use his new socks as a bow for an added touch of creativity and flare. 

4. Golf Club Head Cover: Giving your man a new set of clubs or a new putter? Use his new socks to cover the golf clubs. He can show off his new clubs and socks on the golf course. 

5. Bow Tie: Clip his socks to a new dress shirt as a bow tie. He will love the creativity and will look great in his new shirt, too!

6. Socks: Sometimes, less is more. If your guy likes simple and straight-forward, give him his new compression socks as is.


Gifts for Anyone:

1. Gift bag: Fill brand new, stylish compression socks with their favorite candy. Make sure the candy doesn’t melt – you don’t want to ruin their awesome new socks! 

2. Partner with a new pair of shoes: Give that special someone a new pair of shoes as well as compression socks. Want to get really cute? Include a love note with your gifts. Here are some examples:

  • From the day you “walked” into my life, I’ve never been happier!
  • Every “step” with you is the beginning of something amazing!
  • Because you’ve been “running” through my mind since the first day I met you!

What are you giving your Valentine this year? Comment your gift ideas below!



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