Our Story

VIM & VIGR team works together

Weaving style and quality into therapeutic threads, VIM & VIGR products are part designer socks, part medical device, and all designed with you in mind.

Founded in 2013, our team is committed to creating VIM & VIGR products because we have seen the amazing results firsthand. After discovering our need for compression socks — to relieve achiness or fight fatigue from too much sitting or standing — we were completely underwhelmed by the quality and the style options. So we set out to create a compression sock that made us look good and feel great.

We built our product starting with scientific insights — partnering with vascular surgeons and vein clinics. We found the right formula to create integrally knit, true graduated compression technology, then wove it together with functional fabrics that can stand up to the daily grind and stand out in a crowd.

With VIM & VIGR compression socks, people from all walks of life discover year-round options to help them take on their day and experience everyday wellness.

Meet Our Founder

Michelle Huie Founder

Working in the healthcare industry for over 14 years, I have dedicated my adult life to introducing innovative technology and products to people that need it the most. In 2013, after moving to Missoula, Montana from New York City, I found myself sitting for long periods of time at my new job. I had no idea that sitting or standing for long periods could have such negative effects on my body, especially on how my legs felt.

When I mentioned my new sedentary situation to a physical therapist, he recommended compression socks. The only options available were athletic or medical use socks and nothing reflected my style. This inspired me to start VIM & VIGR: a high-quality compression legwear line with stylish designs to be worn all day.

Today, I continue to lead our team to iterate, create, and stay unsatisfied. Our team is confident in what we’re bringing you today – and we’re endlessly fascinated by what we can help you accomplish tomorrow. 

- Michelle Huie

Designing compression socks

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