When choosing a compression sock, there are 3 major categories one needs to consider:

  1. Size 
  2. Compression Level
  3. Material

VIM & VIGR compression socks come in 4 different fabrics, each with their own set of benefit. Our four categories of fabric are cotton, merino wool, nylon, and moisture wick nylon. 

If you would like to see the fabric composition of our socks, that is listed in the product description of each listing.

Cotton Compression socks

Our signature Cotton Compression Socks are our most popular fabric option because of their light and breathable feel. They are perfect for everyday wear and feel similar to your regular socks.

Cotton compression socks are knit on a 200-needle machine. This results in a soft feel and due to the flexible nature of our cotton blend, allows more intricate designs.

Merino Wool Compression socks

Merino Wool Compression socks are a staple for the outdoor community. Our Merino Wool is not the thick scratchy socks that many think of, instead our socks are soft and light. We use Merino wool because of it's temperature-regulating abilities. It keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Merino Wool socks are also knit on a 200-needle machine; the fabric is not as flexible as cotton but still allows for some fun designs.

Classic Nylon Compression Socks

Our Classic Nylon Compression Socks are adored by many, rivaling our cotton blend. Individuals with wide calves love our Nylon blend socks because of the extra stretch this blend provides, along with their smooth finish. We also use this blend in our compression sleeves and choice nylon socks (more on those below!)

Our Nylon compression socks are knit on a 400-needle machine, resulting in a honeycomb shaped knit. This adds to their superior stretch and smooth finish. 400-needle knitting machines unique knit allows for solid or striped designs, and far less threads on the inside of the sock.

Choice Nylon Compression socks

Choice Nylon compression socks are a newer product to our collection. They have amazing stretch, yet a soft finish that is like cotton.

Choice Nylon compression socks are the result of putting our Nylon fabric (mentioned above) on a 200-needle machine, this process eliminates the toe seam and adds more designs to this beloved fabric.

Moisture Wick Nylon Compression Socks

Moisture Wick Nylon compression socks are a classic material for warm weather. These socks are a fantastic choice for summer wear or for working out. Moisture-wick nylon socks tend to have a bit more flexibility (but no less compression) and can be easier to pull on and adjust.

Moisture Wick Nylon Compression Socks are knit on a 400-needle machine much like our classic nylon. This gives them a superior four way stretch. This fabric's honeycomb knit comes in solid colors for all day wear and comfort.