Can Wearing Compression Socks Be Harmful?

Side effects of compression socks

Many people wear compression socks because they dramatically improve circulation and reduce swelling for those with circulatory issues. But even despite these benefits, you may wonder if compression socks can actually be harmful. Here is a little more about compression socks and a few reasons why they are safe to wear.

What Are Compression Socks?

Our graduated compression socks are designed to be tighter around your feet and ankles to help promote fresh, oxygenated blood flow in the legs. Our design is very similar to traditional compression stockings, which provide support to the entire leg.

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Types of Compression Socks

At VIM & VIGR, you can purchase different types of compression garments to meet your needs. Many runners and other athletes wear compression socks or sleeves to avoid pain, swelling and other negative side effects of training in order to improve physical performance. For everyday wear, some people may want to change it up and wear compression tights depending on their style.

We also carry different compression levels to meet your personal needs. Our mild compression level is great for everyday wear, whereas our higher compression levels can alleviate swelling from certain health conditions or prevent blood clots.

Who Can Use Them?

Many people can benefit from compression socks. It comes down to whether or not you want socks that will help your legs with circulation. Our socks work well for people who put a lot of stress on their feet, from standing all day, or who have more sedentary jobs and sit for most of the day. Both sitting and standing for long periods of time could affect your blood flow and cause negative effects over time.

If your feet get numb or if you use your feet a lot because of work and exercise, then wearing compression socks could help you. The use of compression socks will depend on your personal needs, so it’s worth spending time to find the best compression level and fit for you.

Remember that compression socks are designed to help many types of people for various situations.

But Are They Safe?

Some people will worry about how compression socks could potentially cause negative reactions in their bodies. Some common concerns include:

  • Cutting off circulation: Yes, you read that right. Compression socks might be made for promoting circulation, but poorly fitted or low-quality socks can do just the opposite. Instead, invest in high-quality socks and spend time making sure you get the right fit.
  • Bruising and chafing: Those with dry skin worry that compression socks will cause scrapes, bruises, or other skin damage. Again, with proper fitting, this is not an issue.
  • Skin irritation: Some wearers of compression socks complain of intense itching and redness of the legs where the fabric meets the skin. Another sign of poor quality or fitting.

But worry not—VIM & VIGR compression socks are perfectly safe to wear for hours on end. In fact, you can wear them as long as a day before we recommend you remove and wash them.

As we mentioned earlier, graduated compression means that most of the pressure is concentrated at the ankle, while the top of the sock has more elasticity. As long as you get the proper fit, you shouldn’t experience any problems.

Indeed, compression socks help prevent issues with swelling and circulation for many medical conditions, including diabetes, pregnancy, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), varicose veins, and more. They’re also useful for more minor cases, such as workers who sit or stand all day, long flights, and muscle recovery from exercise.

In the end, VIM & VIGR compression socks are safe for people to wear for long periods of time. That said, we always recommend you speak with your healthcare provider in order to get their recommendations for your personal need for compression socks.

Getting the Right Compression Socks

If you want to get the most out of your compression socks, be sure to get accurate measurements of your legs and compare it to our handy Size Chart for reference. That way you’ll have a proper fit for optimal results. We have wide calf options as well, so all body types can benefit from our compression wear!

Our compression socks are designed to help your legs and feet, not cause you more harm. You may feel worried about the myths behind compression wear, but our socks have been designed and tested to provide safe, comfortable compression for as long as you need. Find your perfect pair today!

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