From Michelle: Pro Tips for Everyday Wellness

What does it look like to be well every day? As a company focused on everyday wellness, this is something my team and I talk about often.

When I started VIM & VIGR, I was struggling with an aspect of my health – achy, tired legs after long days traveling for my job. Since I found compression socks as a solution, I’ve been highly motivated by the idea of making everyday wellness accessible to everyone – no matter your age, location, occupation or present state.

Everyday wellness doesn’t happen by itself. In our fast-paced society, we have to be intentional about our health – physically, mentally and emotionally. The very definition of wellness speaks to this pursuit: the quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal.

It’s important to note that wellness looks different for everyone. While I might need a high level of social stimulation to feel balanced, you might require a daily break from interaction. There are as many definitions of “being well” as there are people reading this article.

That said, there are common themes in how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. As many of us navigate summer plans and busy work schedules, wellness is a timely topic. I’ve put together some of my favorite personal strategies for living a balanced, healthy life – whether I’m on the road, on vacation or at work.

Embrace the Ebb & Flow

For many of us – whether you're the owner of a thriving business, the family-plan-and-logistics manager or a time-strapped professional – the idea of drawing a clear line between work and the rest of “life” isn’t truly feasible. Shifting my mindset from striving for the perfect balance to achieving a healthy integration was key for my well-being.

Make Movement a Priority

This, too, looks differently for everyone – but we all need some form of physical activity to stay healthy in mind and body. Studies show again and again that a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a whole slew of issues, yet our days often demand little movement!

Focus on incorporating light activity into your daily routine – whether it’s parking in the furthest spot while running errands, setting a reminder to get up and stretch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or scheduling a class at the gym – adding a little more movement to your day doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

Be Smart About Your Accessories

When you’re pulled in a million directions, it’s important to choose tools, clothing and technology that work for you, simplifying your life and advancing your health. For me, compression socks are one of those tools. They keep my legs healthy and energized and help ease the effects of the long hours of sitting and frequent travel my job requires.

Get Outside, Often

For generations we’ve known there’s something revitalizing about fresh air. Whether it’s catching a brisk walk with friends or enjoying a few quiet moments on the porch before the day begins, spending regular time outdoors can boost your mood and energy level.

Invest in Relationships

Connecting with friends and family takes time and persistence – but prioritizing healthy relationships enriches life in countless ways. Schedule time regularly for those that mean the most to you – and when you’re together, put away distractions as much as possible.

Travel Safely

Even if it’s a short trip, travel can take its toll on your health. To prepare, I focus on incorporating healthy elements from my daily routine – like a nutritious diet, daily exercise and adequate sleep – to help maintain consistency. You can pack your own snacks – like dried fruit, nuts and fresh veggies – for the plane and long days of meetings or exploring a new place. And don’t forget to bring your own water bottle ensure you’re staying hydrated (bonus points for reducing your need for plastic bottles!). 

To really hit the ground running after a long flight or car ride, try wearing compression socks. They’ll help reduce swelling and fatigue, decrease your risk of blood clots, and keep your legs healthy and energized, despite the hours in the air or on the road.

Consider Digital Minimalism

More and more, we’re hearing about how our devices are reshaping our lives. Taking a thoughtful approach to technology is becoming increasingly important. Think about how to make the most of it for your job and to simplify your life – then create space to unplug. Set daily or weekly limits for checking your phone or watching TV. Perhaps leave your phone in another room in the evening while you spend time with loved ones or turn off work notifications on the weekends. To stay refreshed and creative, we need be intentional about screen time.

Create Time to Play

In a world where we’re constantly under pressure to perform, it’s crucial to remember how to play. Spend time figuring out what makes you laugh or feel young again – and create space weekly for that activity. It could be a game night with friends, trying a new recipe, playing with your dog – whatever helps you remember to relax and not to take life too seriously.

Everyday wellness is a journey. We may not get it perfect every time, but by focusing on small steps to improve our health – mentally and physically – we head in the right direction.

Thanks for including us on your journey!

Stay well,

Michelle Huie

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