Six Ways We’re Wearing Compression

What are compression socks good for, you ask?

Our VIM & VIGR friends and family have answered that question in a hundred ways over the years. A few of our recent favorite VIM & VIGR scenes showcase how our customers are rocking their therapeutic threads.

Here’s what they say compression is good for:

A mountain run…

woman wears compression socks on a trail run

@culvie26 shows off her socks high above Missoula on a trail run. “It’s not about how far or how fast you go.... just get up and GO,” she says.

Lounging on the beach…

compression socks on the beach

There’s not much better than a lazy beach day. Except maybe a lazy beach day with our Petite Dot socks keeping your toes warm!

Waiting in the airport…

yellow polka dot compression socks on boat shoes

It’s not glamorous, but we’ve all been there. Compression socks keep your legs travel-ready in any situation.

Long shifts at work…

compression socks worn by a nurse

We love the fun, contrasting colors in this outfit by one of our nurse friends.

Celebrating spring…

woman wears compression socks while running along the spring wildflowers

@thefitfork takes advantage of spring wildflowers on a beautiful run. How’s that for some motivation?

Every day in the office…

woman wearing yellow compression socks same with the color of woman's blazer

A little yellow on yellow can brighten even the longest work day! Our socks might inspire you to kick your feet up and get some work done, too.

What’s your favorite way to wear compression socks? Let us know in the comments – or tag us @vimvigr on social media so we can see your style!

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