Supporting Our Healthcare Professionals

Compression socks for nurses

This is an unprecedented moment in our communities. As a small business, we have been navigating the changes along with you - doing our best to take care of our customers while also keeping our staff & workplace safe.

While the days ahead may hold uncertainty, we are focusing on what we can do right now.

Right now, there are doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals working around the clock to treat an influx of patients. These brave men and women are risking their health and well-being to care for others.

We have the opportunity to help. Compression socks have been a favorite accessory of healthcare professionals for years. Doctors and nurses are some of our dearest customers & biggest advocates. Now, it's our turn to give back.

Last week we ran a social media campaign and gave away socks to your loved ones on the front lines of the pandemic. It was amazing to see the outpouring of support for healthcare professionals. But, we want to do more. 

For every purchase over the next month, we will be donating a pair of VIM & VIGR socks to a healthcare professional on the front lines of COVID-19. 

It's not going to save the world, but it's going to send a little love to those who are.

We invite you to join us in doing what we can, right now. We're in this together. 


Michelle Huie

Founder, VIM & VIGR

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  • Veronica G

    My Neurosurgical unit is low census at the moment due to Covid-19 so we often have to float to our ER to help our fellow nurses care for the Covid 19 patients. We would benefit greatly from these compression socks. Thank you in advance.

  • Susan Polk

    I have been wearing your wonderful socks for nearly a year now and I love them! They help the circulation in my feet and legs so well that I rarely have cold feet anymore. For me that’s a real blessing. I’m buying today to make sure a healthcare professional gets a great pair of socks; they are amazing!

  • Irene E Neuman

    I ordered socks earlier today and put in the names of 2 RNs at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital who work in the Emergency Room and in the thick of taking care of COVID19 patients. When it asked how many pairs of socks to be sent, I mistakenly put in 25! That should be be 2, for the Baker sisters whose names and emails I supplied. Sorry for that and Thank-You for doing this promotion, I’m sure they are going to LOVE your compression hose! Sincerely, Irene Neuman, Cornelius, Oregon.

  • Lorrie Visser

    Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in Yakima WA has been double whammied this year. The 2nd hospital in town closed its doors in 6 days in January leaving Memorial struggling to absorb the load of 2 hospitals then Covid 19 hit. I can’t imagine what they are going through. I worked at the now closed hospital and Memorial has hired many of my displaced colleagues. They are a great/dedicated bunch of people who really deserve a nice gesture and would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Irene E Neuman

    My dear friend’s nieces are both RNs and work in the Emergency Dept. at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Through my friend, I have heard the many stories of the very sick COVID19 patients they have taken care of and how exhausted they are and yet dedicated to their work. Any socks you could send to them would be GREATLY appreciated, I know. Thank-you and keep up the good work! Irene Neuman, Oregon

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