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5 products

While VIM & VIGR started as compression socks, we have expanded into other compression offerings! Be sure to check our our compression tights collection and our compression leg sleeves collection for more variety in your compression wardrobe.

If you need compression socks to support your calves and shins without the added pressure on your feet, footless compression socks offer the perfect solution. Footless compression socks are basically compression sleeves for your lower leg, running from the knee to the ankle to improve circulation and decrease swelling. These are popular among runners who need extra support for their shins. If you’re not a runner, you can still benefit from wearing footless compression socks, and you can still get away with wearing them to work, thanks to footless compression stockings.

If you are pregnant or require full leg compression, our compression tights are a great and stylish option.  Compression tights for pregnancy are amazing for stopping varicose veins and other pains.

Our compression legwear extends beyond just socks! Get the benefits of graduated compression in Our Healthiest Tights Collection and calf compression sleeves. Our tights come in two beautiful designs - Solid Opaque and Argyle Semi-Opaque in black - and feature a non-binding honeycomb waistband for a comfortable fit all day. Calf Sleeves are a fun and therapeutic alternative to regular socks. Made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support and aid in muscle recovery, our sleeves offer a moderate compression to re-energize and support your legs.