two women wearing compression leg sleeves

Compression Leg Sleeves

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1 product

Calf compression sleeves are a fun and therapeutic alternative to regular socks. Made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support and to aid in muscle recovery, our sleeves offer a moderate compression to re-energize and support your legs.

Whether you're an athlete who wants to improve performance or you're someone who deals with circulatory problems and blood clot issues, compression sleeves are an ideal option for getting you into better shape. Compression sleeves use graduated compression, just like our socks —except they stop at the base of the ankle and do not cover the foot.

Why Get a Sleeve Instead of a Sock?

Many people find that compression leg sleeves are cooler and more to wear in the summer months. Sleeves also give you the flexibility to wear sandals or your favorite pair of shorter socks.

If you train as an athlete, compression sleeves are more recommended for you! They help provide all of the benefits of compression, while allowing you to wear the footwear required by your sport or that you prefer for training. Sleeves also come in all different sizes, allowing you to find the fit you need.

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