Best Compression Socks for Standing or Sitting All Day at Work

Wearing compression socks is a great way to be proactive about your health regardless of your occupation. Whether you have a desk job or are on your feet all day, compression socks can benefit everyone.

Studies show that sitting for 90 minutes or more can cause blood flow below the knees to decrease by 50%, significantly increasing the chance of blood clots and reducing the amount of freshly oxygenated blood to your legs. Standing all day also can have negative effects on the body because being on your feet puts a 20% greater strain on the circulatory system and on the legs and feet, which can cause fatigue and soreness. As we become increasingly aware of the downsides of sitting and standing all day, it is hard to know what the solution is - and that’s where VIM & VIGR and compression socks come in! 

Compression socks for work

Compression Socks in the Workplace

VIM & VIGR compression legwear is scientifically designed to support your legs all day, every day. Professions that require long hours of standing — like nurses, retail workers, flight attendants, servers and bartenders —benefit significantly from the all-day support that compression socks provide. Similarly, those that find themselves sitting all day for work —office workers, sales & marketing, administrative staff and accountants —also benefit from wearing compression socks at work to protect their legs.

How Compression Socks Help

Being on your feet all day puts a 20% greater strain on the circulatory system and on the legs and feet, which can cause fatigue and soreness. Compression socks for work alleviate achiness and heaviness, energize legs, and prevents swelling.

Using integrally-knit graduated compression, VIM & VIGR compression socks apply therapeutic pressure that starts at the ankle and gradually eases above. By squeezing the leg from the bottom up, VIM & VIGR compression socks for nurses can help increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your legs.  Happy legs and feet means more comfortable employees and make for a better work day – which is a win for everyone!

Customer Testimonials

Mike shares his experience wearing compression socks for work at a local tech company.


"I have never worn compression socks before so this was all new to me. I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Just got a standing type desk and was having problems standing. Achy legs and such. So I couldn't stand as much as I needed to. Was told about these type of socks and so I tried them and I will never go back to regular socks. They have helped me so much so now I can stand longer at my desk. My lower legs do not ache as much or at all and I think in general my legs feel better. So I am definitely sold on these socks." —Mary H.

"Love these socks! Feet were hurting so bad after working and standing on concrete 10 hours a day. These socks were the best thing I did for my feet and myself. Love love love them!" —Patsy B.

"My VIM & VIGR socks give me a big ol' hug of self-love. On the days when I know I'll be sitting at my desk or on phone calls most of the day, wearing the socks is that sign to myself that I'm still caring for my body. I feel invigorated with extra energy because of the increased circulation. Thanks, VIM & VIGR!"  —Jeannine W.

"After wearing my socks the first day I will not be without them. I'm a farmer and I mow for our county conservation office, so I'm on my feet or sitting on the tractor all day. My legs ache at night and knees tend to swell. My compression socks have ended aching legs at night . And weirdly I'm not as stiff after sitting on the tractor for long periods. I'm thankful my doctor recommended your socks! Thanks." —Barbara J.

What Careers Benefit From Compression Socks?

Anyone who stands or sits for long periods of time may develop leg fatigue. According to, people who work at jobs where they are required to sit for most of the day reduce blood flow to the heart after about 90 minutes, which prevents fresh oxygenated blood from reaching the feet. Over time, this can lead to medical conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

People who are required to stand, on the other hand, overwork their veins to keep the blood moving against gravity, which can eventually lead to the development of medical conditions like varicose veins and heart disease. Some of the occupations that benefit most from VIM & VIGR compression technology are:

  • Standing Occupations that can benefit from compression socks:
    • Healthcare professionals: nurses, doctors, pharmacists, medical technicians, etc.
    • Restaurant & hospitality workers: servers, baristas, cooks, chefs, bartenders, dishwashers, etc.
    • Teachers
    • Retail sales and clerks
    • Construction and factory workers
    • Flight attendants
  • Sitting Occupations that can benefit from compression socks:
    • Office workers: accountants, software developers, secretaries, receptionists, etc.
    • Truck drivers
    • Taxi/rideshare drivers

What compression level is best for work?

The type of compression socks you need depends on the current health of your legs and your occupation. For example, for those who have any pre-existing issues with swelling, venous insufficiency or who are at risk of blood clots, we recommend a higher compression level, such as our 20-30 mmHg medical grade firm compression socks, whereas office workers with desk jobs or those who stand all day would benefit most from our moderate pressure 15-20 mmHg socks.

The Best Compression Socks for Work

In our opinion? Anything comfortable and stylish is perfect for you. Choose from soft cotton, sleek nylon or ultra-comfy wool socks  —or keep it simple and classy with our compression tights. Whatever your style at work, there's a sock to match!

Compression Socks for work